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Essential Driver Training for Today’s Teens
Using Xbox & PS4

Driving EssentialsXE goes way beyond basic driver training, providing challenging, real-world experiences such as inclement weather, distracted driving and complex traffic scenarios. The program is a complete training curriculum allowing students to learn and practice at their own pace, and in the safety of their own home.

Basic Car Control
Hazard Detection
Distracted Driving
Parking & Backing
Scoring and Achievements
Inclement Weather (Rain, Fog, Snow)
City, Highway, Residential and Rural Environments

Driving Essentials XE has 10 in-depth lessons, 2.5 hours of training and unlimited practice drives all using either Xbox One or PS4 gaming consoles.

1 The Basics “Learning the Basics”
2 Scanning “Seeing is Believing”
3 What If? “It Happens”
4 Intersections “Whose Turn is it Anyway?”
5 Following Distance “Keeping Your Distance”
6 Space Management “Everyone Needs a Little Elbow Room”
7 Sharing the Road “Learning to Play Well with Others”
8 Weather & Road Conditions “Slippery When Wet”
9 Distracted Driving “Look Mom, No Hands”
10 Putting It All Together “Practice Makes Perfect”
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